Jeezy Admits He Went To Therapy To Try To Save His Marriage

Nia Long recently interviewed Jeezy for Jeezy’s YouTube Channel, and the two got very personal about their previous relationships.

Jeezy even admitted to going to therapy to try to save his marriage to Jeannie Mai, which ultimately didn’t work out.

He said,

This has not been an easy journey. I can tell you that I’m saddened. I can tell you that I’m disappointed.

He continued,

I can tell you that I’m uneasy. Again, God has put me in a different path. And that path is going to intel for me to take care or myself. And to love myself and to be in the best situation that I can thrive as someone who has been through all the things I’ve been through.

He added about trying to do couple’s therapy with his ex,

I can only be responsible for myself. I can only do what I can do. I can’t expect someone else to do what I’m doing.

Why do you think Jeezy and Nia Long would make a perfect couple? 

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