Jay-Z Is Owed $6.8 Million In Unpaid Royalties Over Failed Cologne Brand

Jay-Z has received a total payout of $6.8 million in the Parlux royalties case after a long battle with the company.

A five-judge panel in New York upheld an earlier decision on Thursday (June 1), finding that not only was Hova (real name Shawn Carter) not liable for the fragrance manufacturer’s more than $67 million in damages, but also that the business actually owes the multi-hyphenate billionaire some money.

An appellate court in New York City initially awarded JAY-Z $4.5 million in unpaid royalties from Parlux back in February 2022 as a result of past cologne sales that have accrued, as Jay’s attorneys lawfully demanded last fall.

What’s the most amount of money someone has ever owed you? How long did he or she take to pay you back? Did this ruin your relationship with this person?

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