Jay-Z & Beyoncé Did Not Buy DMX’s Masters For $10M, Swizz Beatz & DMX’s Family Says

JAY-Z And Beyoncé Are Rumored To Buy DMX’s Masters For $10 Million To Distribute To His Children Rumors that JAY-Z and Beyoncé are buying DMX’s masters for his children are false according to Swizz Beatz.  The rumor started circulating on social media but Swizz commented under the article that made the claim writing, “Not true king.” The title of the article, “JAY-Z & Beyoncé are buying back DMX’s masters for $10 million & will give to his 17 kids for free,” included false information about DMX’s children, he only had 15 kids, not 17.  What was the last rumor that you found out wasn’t true, but you wished it was?