Jack Harlow Awarded For Representing His Hometown Of Louisville

On Wednesday (February 1), during Greater Louisville Inc.’s annual meeting, Jack Harlow accepted the Thomas A. Edison Award. The Edison Award celebrates successful Louisvillians who represent the city nationally.  Jack Harlow won for his career and Louisville donations.

While accepting the award, Harlow said,

I try to make sure I let the world know if you want to do a photoshoot, if you want to take a meeting, if you want to shoot a commercial, if you want to get in the studio and make some music you’re going to have to book that connection flight and come. We’re going to do some incredible things in the city over the next few years, I promise you.

Harlow says he hopes to invoke positive change in Kentucky before he leaves Earth and

for people to have a better life because of it.

Have you ever visited Kentucky? What is your favorite thing about the state?

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