Jack Harlow Appear in Trailer for The Instigator

Jack Harlow gets his second film role in the new heist flick “The Instigators.”

It stars the  2020 XXL Freshman alum as a crook who steals a corrupt politician’s wealth.  Matt Damon’s “Rory” and Casey Affleck’s ex-convict “Cobby,” star opposite Harlow. After the heist goes wrong, the group is chased by corrupt police, bureaucrats, and vengeful criminal leaders. Ving Rhames, Alfred Molina, Ron Perlman, Toby Jones, and others star in The Instigators.

Doug Liman directed and Chuck MacLean and Casey Affleck wrote the picture. “The Instigators” premieres on August 9 on Apple TV.

How do you think Jack Harlow does as an actor? Do you think he has a future in film?  

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