J. Cole Reveals How He Improves His Mental Health

J. Cole has attributed his recent improvement in mental health to both the practice of meditation and reducing his use of social media.

The Grammy Award-winning rapper shared his newly discovered routines for maintaining a happy outlook when sitting down with Kevin Hart for his Hart To Heart show on Peacock. Cole said,

I had set rules for myself. One was like, ‘Bro, you can’t go on social media no more’…Nobody’s there to be like, don’t Google yourself. Don’t search your name.

He continued,

I had set some rules for myself, some baseline rules like, ‘Yo, don’t go on Twitter. Don’t read your replies.’ That’s rule number one. Number two, when you’re creating, you got to create from a pure place only. That was a rule I set for myself. Everything has to only be truly what you feel in your heart.

What are some ways you try to help improve your mental health on a daily basis?

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