Issa Rae Recalls Nipsey Hussle Helping Her Smooth Over a Misunderstanding With Lauren London

Issa Rae Mentioned Lauren London in an Interview and Now Lauren Is Trending You may have noticed Lauren London is trending on Twitter. It stems from an interview Issa Rae did. Issa shared a moment that happened awhile ago when she said Executives did not want her to portray her leading role in Insecure. They wanted Lauren London. She was very vocal in the old interview about how she felt about this. This led to tension between her and Lauren. At the same time, Issa was friends with Nipsey and he brought the ladies together to work it out. Issa found out they had more in common that she realized. So in a new interview she mentioned one of her biggest regrets and she said it was naming Lauren London. Now the streets of Twitter are rehashing this and debating whether Lauren would have been good as the lead in Insecure. Can you see Lauren as the lead in Insecure?