Irv Gotti Addresses Backlash to Recent Ashanti Comments: ‘I Got Slandered for Telling Y’all the Absolute Truth’

Irv Gotti Reveals Why He Is Addressing His Relationship W/ Ashanti 2 Decades Later Irv Gotti recently addressed the backlash he is receiving for constantly talking about Ashanti two decades later. Irv said, “Did I bring Ashanti up or did you just ask me, ‘Why you keep talking about Ashanti?’ You did it. Here’s what I’m gonna say: I wish Ashanti nothing but the best.” He continued, “I got paid to do a documentary on my life and on Murder Inc. If I didn’t talk about Ashanti, you would’ve been like, ‘What type of bulls**t is this that he didn’t speak about [Ashanti]? She’s too important to Murder Inc. and his life.'” He added, “I read the comments. You know what the f**king comments say. Stop it Shade Room. Stop it Shade Room. Y’all the shadiest muthaf**kas out here.” Do you think Irv Gotti is a pervert for how he approached Ashanti back in the day?