Ice Cube Calls Out The Club Of Gatekeepers

Ice Cube is expressing his complaints about the difficulties he claims he faces as a result of not being a member of the exclusive Hollywood “club” that so many others seem to be a part of.

He goes on a long rant about being on the outs with the elites and “gatekeepers” in showbiz and sports. Ice states unequivocally that he is not a member of that group and does not wish to be one.

He continues by claiming that this fact actually enrages those on the inside since he is refusing to perform what is expected of someone in his position. Additionally, Cube claims that he will soon embark on a huge podcast tour in which he will speak with “everybody”; yet, he also gives the impression that this announcement will cause additional commotion.

Who do you think Ice Cube is referring to when he talks about the Hollywood Elite club?

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