Gunna Called Out By YSL Co-Founder Over RICO Plea Deal

The co-founder of YSL, Mondo, is upset with Gunna for taking a plea deal in the YSL RICO case. Mondo said during a recent podcast,

I mean, the only way to answer that, man… my man did what he did. He did what he did, man. I ain’t put no cap on it, I ain’t sitting here putting no – hey man, he did what he did, man. I know this for sure, I ain’t going off what no internet talking about. I ain’t going off what I’m seeing all over cap.

He continued,

I’m talking personally, on everything I love, I’m talking I know what’s going. Boy, you ain’t supposed to do that, my brother. Even if I did be talking to nobody, everybody who got common sense, everybody who’s been in the streets know, you do not, boy, you don’t do no s**t like that, my brother.

He added,

Everybody got the same ears I got? Unless you’re deaf or you’re blind. You took a plea saying you’re the main artist, brother, you know this a gang, and on top of that, you got caught with something, and it wasn’t yours, so who else was it? Who doing s**t like that? Who doing that?

Why do you think Gunna was wrong for taking a plea deal in the YSL RICO case?

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