G Herbo Alleges ‘Manipulating’ Manager Owes Him $40M

G Herbo‘s legal problems appear to be growing as he claims that his ex-manager and the record company he was signed to cheated him out of millions.

Reportedly, he is suing Joseph “JB” Bowden and Machine Entertainment for $40 million in damages.

He said,

Over the years, when we started generating money, probably this was on the Sony system, [Bowden] pulled me to the side like, ‘Bro, let me run your business for you.’ I wasn’t really business savvy. This was somebody I trust with my life, like my brother, like a father figure. ‘I’m your business for you, bro.’ Alright, so from then on, he’s running my business.

Herbo’s lawyer added,

Because [Wright’s] money was controlled by [Bowden and Machine], [Wright] was forced to ask Bowden to make purchases on his behalf, including for vehicles, [Wright’s] rent, and his mother’s rent. Bowden’s conduct, in depriving [Wright] of his own funds, was designed to prevent [Wright] from leaving Machine or from being able to successfully work with another business manager who would actually look out for [Wright’s] best interests.

Why do you believe G Herbo is lying about this?

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