Freddie Gibbs’ Babymama Calls Out Gibss Over Diss Track

Freddie Gibbs just released his new project $oul $old Separately, and one of the songs on the album discusses his past relationship with Raven Tatum. Freddie rapped on ‘Grandma’s Stove’,

Raven was a rat, she scratched the Benzy and I dropped the charges/ That ho know she’d never had my heart, so she attached my pockets.” Raven said, “I’m really tired of buddy spinning the story like I tore up the car over a woman.” She continued, “No, I tore up that car cuz he manipulated me into moving to Los Angeles, taking him off child support, got me f**king fired, and locked me and his son in a house with no groceries. that’s the truth.

Listen to “Grandma’s Stove” here:

Why do you think it is wrong for rappers to use people’s real names in songs?

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