Fat Joe Shuts Down Illuminati Rumors

Fat Joe attributes his long-standing success to his strong work ethic.  Over the weekend, Joey Crack took to Instagram Live to discuss the ongoing speculation surrounding his association with the Illuminati and how this supposed connection has contributed to his enduring popularity across different generations.

On Instagram Live,

Joe said,

I’ve met everybody; I’ve never met the Illuminati. So now what my theory is is you got people who’re frustrated with seeing other people being successful, and they make up this thing called Illuminati.

Earlier this year, Jay Electronica shared his underwhelming experience of encountering the secret society.

He posted strangely on Twitter,

Ps, The Illuminati? I met em. They ain’t all that. Ask em about me.” “Ps, The Dominicans control Hollywood.

He also wrote:

Ps, The Dominicans control the banking system…Ps, The Visigoths are running a pedophile ring in Hollywood…The Albinos control the military-industrial complex.

Do you believe in the Illuminati?  

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