Fat Joe Reacts To Ja Morant’s Gun Controversy

Fat Joe has voiced his opinion over Ja Morant‘s gun controversy and calls out Morant’s father because of it.


Joey said,

Ja Morant always got his father there. Instead of his father enjoying the scene and getting drunk at the game, he better school his son.

He continued,

Bro, you did not come this far to f**k your s**t up. Your family has to really be your family and talk to you. I hope somebody gets him a copy of this because I don’t make money off Ja Morant. I’m just telling you the truth.

He added,

There’s two ways this could go: you could keep it real, which is the dumbest s**t I ever heard in my life, and go broke and get the f**k out the NBA because they’re not going for an NBA player pistol whipping dudes — they not going for that.

Why do you think Fat Joe is wrong for calling out Ja Morant’s father over his parenting skills?

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