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After leaving an interview with the radio host and criticizing him on social media, EST Gee doesn’t seem to be the biggest fan of Bootleg Kev right now.

On Tuesday, August 15, the resident of Louisville, Kentucky, joined The Bootleg Kev Podcast for a lengthy interview. However, after only 25 minutes, Gee became irritated with Kev’s questions, and the conversation abruptly ended.

The rapper lost his cool when the podcaster started interrogating him about his time playing football in high school and college, which he believed was unrelated to the promotion of his new album El Toro 2.

EST Gee replied,

What do that got to do with music and s**t, bro?”

Kev added before EST Gee left the interview,

No, I’m just curious because I’m a huge football fan and I find it fascinating that you have like a real high-level football run before the rap s**t took off.

Why do you think Kev was wrong for harping on EST Gee’s football story?

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