Drake Gets Hit with Bras On Stage During Detroit Show

Drake is in the early part of It’s All a Blur Tour, and he has been getting hit by various things on stage. On Saturday and Sunday, he was in Detroit for two performances at the Little Caesars Area. One of the nights, fans in the audience started throwing bras, shoes, and hats onto the stage, forcing Drizzy to duck for shelter.

Drake continued by requesting that they stop hurling bras at him while he was performing.

He said,

Oh s**t! This not what we wanna see, a big-ass shoe. This what I need you to do, Detroit, this what I need to you do, please, for me. I’m so grateful to be back in this building with you after all this time that we had to sit in the crib, right?

He continued,

Please stop throwing bras up here, I can’t — I feel like I’m on clean-up duty tonight… t**ty clean-up duty. This is crazy.

Which concert are you more excited for Drake’s or Beyonce’s?

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