Drake Announces New Album ‘For All The Dogs’

Drake revealed that a new album, ‘For All the Dogs,’ is  on the way.

Drake plastered newspapers like the Los Angeles Times, New York Post, the Houston Chronicle and more Saturday with a full cover advertisement for his new poetry book ‘Titles Ruin Everything.’  The ads also had a QR code that linked to a website — TitlesRuinEverything.com — where, in a short statement, the impending LP was revealed.

Drake wrote,

I made an album to go with the book,

Drake continued,

They say they miss the old Drake girl don’t tempt me. FOR ALL THE DOGS.

Drake’s book was available for purchase as of Saturday afternoon, but he has not yet revealed ‘For All the Dogs’ release date.

Which excites you more, Drake’s new book or new music- and why? 

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