Drake and Future Might Have Had Beef for Years

Drake and Future, once likened to Kobe and Shaq in rap, may now face a rift, possibly over a woman, as hinted in Drake’s lyrics.  The last time they collaborated was on the Grammy-winning song “Wait for U” in 2022.

Drake’s “More Ms” raps may be Hendrix disses, according to internet sleuths,

I been out the way in a cut, it’s been a minute (Been a minute)/Workin’ on a album, now it’s finished (Yeah, it’s done)/Last time I saw her, she was f**kin’ with my n***a/So the question is (Yeah), the question is (Yeah)/What would Pluto do? He’d f**k the ho, so I did it (Yeah, yeah)

Drake released For All the Dogs: Scary Hours Edition in November, with “What Would Pluto Do?” a reference to Future. Drake’s lyrics suggest a rift over a woman, leading some to believe the song is a sneak diss.

Is Drake’s “More Ms” lyrics a sneak diss about Future?

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