Dr. Dre’s Estranged Wife Being Investigated for Alleged Embezzlement

LAPD Investigating Dr. Dre’s Estranged Wife for Alleged Embezzlement The drama with Dr. Dre and his estranged wife, Nicole Young, continues. According to TMZ, the LAPD is investigating her for alleged embezzlement. Recently Dre’s business partner, Larry Chatman, filed a report with police accusing Nicole of taking hundreds of thousands of dollars from their business account without authorization. In their divorce case, Dr. Dre accused Nicole of taking $385k from the corporate account, in which she said she had the right to because her name is on the account. So far, no word from Nicole. However, if she is charged with the crime, she could do the time. Do you think the divorce between Dr. Dre and his wife is getting out of hand? Have you ever been in a similar situation?