Dr. Dre Wins Legal Skirmish in Divorce

Dr. Dre Wins One Part of Legal Battle Involving His Wife Dr. Dre has won one legal battle in his divorce case. His soon-to-be-ex-wife, Nicole requested $1.5 million for expenses including security. She said she has been receiving death threats. The judge rejected her request because she had security that Dre was paying for, she fired them. She claimed Dre was too controlling and wanted her own security. The judge said she can select her own security company but the cost can not exceed what Dre was paying for security previously. Nicole’s attorney also requested to have a hearing moved up about her attorney fees. She is requesting $5 million. The judge rejected the request to move up the hearing stating he had more important cases to hear involving custody cases and domestic violence cases. Dr. Dre’s attorney is Laura Wasser. What do you think of the dollar amounts Nicole is requesting?

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