Doja Cat Proposes Drastic Revision Of The ‘Big 3’

Doja Cat recently questioned why Pitbull is not included in discussions about Hip Hop’s ‘Big 3,’ consisting of Kendrick Lamar, Drake, and J. Cole.

Despite Pitbull‘s rap roots, his transition to pop and Latin Hip Hop may disqualify him from the conversation.

Doja Cat’s comments, known for her trolling, were likely not meant seriously. She is set to release the deluxe version of her album “Scarlet 2: Claude Frollo” on April 5, teasing a surprise cameo and addressing criticism of her hair on social media.  In an Instagram Live session, she defended her hair texture, urging people to stop comparing it to pubic hair.


Who are your “big three” when it comes to hip-hop?

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