DJ Khaled & Wife Are Trying For A Daughter

DJ Khaled recently revealed that he and his wife are trying to have a daughter.

He said,

You know, we’ve been praying God’s blessings and we’ve been talking into existence. Hopefully, God willing, we can have a queen besides my queen, and the mother of my two beautiful boys, and for them to have a sister, God willing! Yes, we’ve wanted it and in so many words, we’re ready for it!

He continued about what he wants for his children,

Whatever my kids want to do… me and their mom want to support whatever they want to do. We’re not gonna force nothing on them. But what I love about my two beautiful boys… they’re doing so good in school. It’s been a true blessing, man. I always put the message out there that family time is all the time. So when we travel, they travel.  When it’s time for all their activities, either mom is with them or I’m with them, or we’re both with them.

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