DJ Envy Listed In Real Estate Fraud Case As Other Defendants Move For Dismissal

Reportedly, DJ Envy is listed as one of the defendants in the real estate fraud case against his former business partner, Cesar Pina.

Even though DJ Envy has stated that he is willing to provide information against Cesar Pina in the continuing case of alleged real estate fraud, he is still listed as a defendant in this huge case.

Reportedly, the petition for dismissal was filed against all of the defendants, with the exception of Raashaun Casey and one other defendant. Guarino, who is the attorney for all of the defendants, with the exception of two of them, submitted the move.

The documents stated,

Plaintiff’s claim for securities fraud should be dismissed as against all defendants. Plaintiffs fail to allege what defendants, if any, were parties to the contracts that were allegedly breached.

Why do you believe that this case will affect DJ Envy’s position at The Breakfast Club?

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