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Did Eminem Really Make MGK Give Up Rapping?

Did Eminem make MGK stop Rapping? Machine Gun Kelly has been very focused on his acting career, where he found his now longtime girlfriend, Megan Fox. MGK has been putting out constant albums for his rap career ever since he came on the scene. However, he was very recognizable after his back and forth with Hip Hop’s legendary MC Eminem. The feud between the two rappers started back in 2012 when MGK had said something about Eminem’s daughter that didn’t sit well with Slim Shady. Six years later, Eminem addressed the comment on a song that prompted MGK to respond. Because MGK has started focusing on his acting career and releasing music in the realm of ‘pop-funk’, many are wondering if the feud between the rapper he once idolize had something to do with the sudden shift. What do you think? Do you think that MGK is scared of Eminem in a battle? Or do you think he is just focused on other avenues?

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