Dame Dash Facing New Lawsuit From Former Photographer

Dame Dash is the target of a new lawsuit that was launched by a former photographer. Christopher Brown, who was working on behalf of Monique Bunn, presented documents in which he asserted that the jury in the previous case did not completely appreciate the magnitude of the injury that Bunn had received as a result of Dash’s alleged acts.


According to the memorandum of law, Dame Dash accepted the value of the photographs that he allegedly took from Bunn. He also acknowledged that he was aware of the fact that he did not pay Bunn an acceptable amount for the use of the work.

The legal docs added,

The evidence at trial—which was uncontroverted—established that each photo was worth $1,500, which should have resulted in a verdict for at least $384,750,000.

It said,

It is well known that professional photographers earn much of their income through licensing their portfolio of photographs, and defendants’ actions destroyed Ms. Bunn’s economic prospects. The jury ignored the valuation evidence and awarded zero to Ms. Bunn.

Brown, who is representing Bunn, added,

It is impossible to conceive how a jury could conclude that a professional photographer’s portfolio of thousands of photos, as well as photography equipment, could be worth zero. Especially when the plaintiff and the defendants both testify that the damages are in the millions. A new trial is warranted under these circumstances.

What do you think will happen with this lawsuit?

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