DaBaby Turns Down Salacious Offer From Fan & She Responds

DaBaby‘s popularity with women remains unaffected despite recent controversies. He continues to get solicitations from women, one of which he recently turned down.

After performing at Hot 97’s Summer Jam on Sunday (June 4), a female fan offered oral services to the rapper as he left. A Woman approaches DaBaby and his crew in an online clip.

She asked the rapper to,

pull it out

and wanted to

suck it right now

While DaBaby seems interested, he and his security quickly exit. Later the woman took to social media to call out the “Shake Sumthin’” rapper for denying her advances,



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Da baby played so hard everything he rap bout is cap cause he ain’t let me throat baby sh_t.

What would you have done in DaBaby’s situation? Did he do the right thing? What are your thoughts about the woman’s bold actions?

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