DaBaby Says Phones Are For Streaming His New EP

DaBaby disapproves of the phone attack on Bebe Rexha but uses the opportunity to promote his new song.

TMZ Hip Hop interviewed the rapper in Beverly Hills after Bebe’s comeback show, where a fan threw a phone at her, causing her to get stitches and a black eye.

DaBaby has experienced fan-on-artist violence and had a shoe thrown at him during Rolling Loud, but now promotes peace.

He quickly shifted from discussing onstage violence to promoting his new 3-song EP, “Call Da Fireman.” Nicolas Malvagna, charged with felony assault on Rexha, claims through his attorney that he didn’t mean to harm Bebe when he threw his phone at her and just wanted her to take a selfie.

Do you believe Malvagna was trying to get Bebe Rexha to take a selfie? Do you think DaBaby has learned his lesson about being violent toward people?  

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