Cleveland Clinic projects Ohio might not hit peak until mid-May

New Information from the Cleveland Clinic

(3-27-20)  Governor DeWine spoke with the Cleveland Clinic who gave him new information in regard toward the projections of COVID-19 in Ohio.

The Cleveland Clinic predicts that the large surge of confirmed cases and hospitalizations will come in two weeks. They project that Ohio might not hit the peak until mid-May.

Additionally, after reviewing the projected peak, the Cleveland Clinic says the state will need to increase its hospital capacity by three times. DeWine says hospitals have been planning for this but now they are starting to act.

DeWine says the state has been divided into 8 regions. He asked each region to have their collective draft plans on his desk by 9am tomorrow and to have a final draft by noon on Monday.

DeWine also asked the Ohio National Guard to oversee the buildup.