Carmelo Anthony Continues To Be A Trending Topic As Shocking Allegations Of Twin Babies & Divorce News Surface

Allegation Surface Carmelo Anthony Has More Kids After it was announced LaLa Anthony filed for divorce from Carmelo Anthony all kinds of tidbits were revealed. There is a rumor he is dating Lee Daniels’ niece. There is another rumor he has twin babies. According to the unnamed woman when she got pregnant, Carmelo shipped her off to London to have the babies privately. All this during the pandemic! When the babies were born prematurely she reached out to Carmelo and also revealed one of the babies had a complication. Carmelo, who allegedly promised to go to London when the NBA season was over, did not respond to text messages the way she wanted him to. The woman claims she knew he was still married but didn’t care because she claims to know who Lala is messin with. Carmelo also has another baby which was the initial reason LaLa filed for divorce years ago. Do you believe this woman?