Cardi B Has Some Choice Words For Homophobes

Cardi B Has Some Choice Words For Homophobes A longtime ally with the LGBTQ+ community, Cardi B took to Twitter to call out people who are homophobic.  “Every bad bi – have a gay best friend or gay best friend cousin… If you homophobic you just ugly,” tweeted Cardi. It’s unclear why she made the post but the tweet received over 100,000 likes.  Back in 2018, Cardi came under fire when a transphobic post was made to her official Facebook page, Cardi quickly explained the post was made by a former associate.  Laverne Cox and Angelica Ross were quick to condemn Cardi but later praised her for addressing the issue in a swift and professional manner.  Do you call out people when they make homophobic or racist comments or posts? Have you ever faced criticism for a hurtful post you made?