Cardi B Got Hangover Cures Trending After Asking Twitter For Advice

Cardi B Got Some Supposed Hangover Cures Trending After Asking Twitter for New Year’s Eve Advice When you need medical advice and can’t get to your doctor, your next option is WebMD and Twitter. Cardi took to Twitter to ask for hangover advice. She is planning ahead for New Year’s Eve. She tweeted that she wants to see double on New Year’s Eve but be good in the morning. Twitter Drs got to work. Pedialyte started trending because of Cardi. Other remedies included Pedialyte plus Vitamin C Ramen noodles with protein, vegetables, sesame seed oil and Sriracha. Someone else suggested to eat well all day with carbs and to have food breaks in between drinking-not snacks but actual meals and drink Pedialyte and water in between. What is your hangover cure?