Cardi B Faces Legal Action for Halloween Costume

Cardi B is faced with another threat of a lawsuit, this one stemming from her Halloween costume.  Legal action has been threatened against Cardi B because she impersonated Marge Simpson for a Halloween picture shoot.

The case was filed by Italian illustrator Alexsandro Palombo, whose original illustration of Marge Simpson served as the model for Cardi B’s photograph.  Palombo said this in a statement;

Cardi B and her collaborators have used my artwork without any authorization, debasing its original meaning and only to amplify their image with a clear commercial purpose that has nothing to do with that path of social awareness that has always characterized my works,

Cardi has yet to respond to Palombo, and as of press time, no lawsuit has been officially filed.

Do you think Cardi B should face legal action for her Marge photoshoot?

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