Cam’ron Calls Out Kim Kardashian For Kendall Jenner Starting Five T-Shirt

Cam’ron is one of the many people, who doesn’t hold back when giving his opinion on any subject, and he recently called out Kim Kardashian over the Kendall Jenner ‘starting five’ t-shirt.

Cam said,

I think the b**ch got a lot of au-f**kin’-dacity. B**ch, you started off f**king Ray J, why do people ignore that? And now you want to taunt your sister like she got mad n**gas. She got it from you.

He continued,

Your starting five consists of athletes and entertainers. First of all, we got the head coach, Ray J, then we got Reggie Bush, and then she married that basketball player that wasn’t s**t and found out he wasn’t s**t and curved that n**ga.

He added,

Then she started messing with another athlete, then she got with Kanye and had kids then got into an argument with Kanye and then rushed to go f**k Pete Davidson. Your line-up is wild, too. You got a lot of nerve, man.

Why do you agree with how Cam’ron feels about Kim Kardashian and the t-shirt?

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