Boosie Badazz Responds To Allegations He Was Behind Murder Of Chicago Jeweler

Boosie Replied To The Allegations He Was Involved In A Murder Boosie recently addressed the allegations being made that he was allegedly behind a murder of a jeweler from Chicago. Boosie said, “Aye, the Internet, y’all got us f**ked all the way up. We met that dude Duke the Jeweler the night before; we was gambling.” He continued, “The next day, dude followed us to the concert. When we left out the concert, we were under the garage. Dude went to his car by himself and walked down to the parking lot. That’s when somebody tried to rob him and killed the dude.”  He added, “What the hell my 19-year-old cousin going to try to rob and kill somebody? We getting money, man. We getting f**king money, that ain’t our steelo. As a boss, I ain’t letting it go down like that, man. This dude finna make me a piece… so y’all need to kill that.” Duke the Jeweler was killed during Labor Day weekend in Houston, Texas. What is your least favorite city to travel to during holiday weekends?