Beyoncé Joins TikTok

​​Beyoncé Joins TikTok The Beyhive swarmed on Thursday (December 16) as the Queen B made her presence known on TikTok.  Beyoncé’s clothing line, Ivy Park, also debuted on the social media platform and shared content from the Ivy Park X Adidas collections, “HALLS of IVY” and “PELOTON.”    Beyoncé has yet to post anything on her TikTok, but she’s already at 700,000 followers and growing. Many Beyhivers think she’ll only post Ivy Park content while others are ready for her dance moves to be broken down. “Beyoncé joining TikTok can only mean that her new era is gonna be TikTok friendly. We’re getting choreo and mainstream! Y’all not ready… She’s coming,” one fan commented.  Are you following Beyoncé on TikTok? What type of content do you think she will post?