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Ari Lennox Wants off Her Labels: ‘I’m Done and Tired’

Ari Lennox Is Over It! Wants To Be Dropped From Label Ari Lennox had an interview that went left when the male interviewer asked her if she had anyone f— her good right now. He was quoting a line from her song, Pop. She said she was done with interviews. Now she is back on Twitter and said she wants off her label. I want to be dropped from the labels. I’m done and tired. For Christ Sakes. I realize I have no hits. I realize you all can live without hearing my music. I realize my complaining is so aggravating to y’all. I don’t ask blogs to post me when I’m at my worst. You judgmental self hating parasites wouldn’t last a day as a signed artists. What is your favorite song by Ari Lennox?

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