AEW Wrestler Jade Cargill Confronts Bow Wow

Bow Wow was performing in Miami for The Millennium Tour Turned Up, and Jade Cargill and a couple of other wrestlers started yelling at Bow Wow during the meet and greet. Security intervened and escorted the ladies from the meet and greet, but many fans were unsure what caused the AEW wrestler, Jade Cargill, to go off on Bow Wow.

Earlier, Bow did send a shoutout to Jade for her win at the AEW TBS Championship, to which Jade responded, “Shut Up.”

Recently, Bow did try to shoot his shot at Jade, which Jade rejected instantly, so many fans believe that this could be a promo for an upcoming wrestling event that could feature Bow Wow.

Why do you think there are so many people who enjoy wrestling, knowing that most of the matches are scripted?

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