50 Cent Plans to Seize Teairra Mari’s Assets For a $37,000 Debt Owed

50 Cent plans on seizing Teairra Mari’s Assets 50 Cent is tired of waiting for the money that Teairra Mari owes him and is now taking matters into his own hands.  A couple of years ago, Teairra Mari tried to sue 50 Cent for reposting explicit images of her that were originally leaked by an ex-boyfriend. Teairra used this for the storyline on ‘Love and Hip Hop’ and ended up losing the lawsuit and ended up owing 50 Cent $30,000 in legal fees. 50 Cent is tired of waiting so now he will take control of her assets to get the money owed to him, which amounts to over $37,000 including interest. Has an ex-boyfriend/girlfriend ever posted explicit photos of you?