50 Cent Marvels At Kevin Durant’s Massive Coinbase Profit

50 Cent Marvels at Kevin Durant’s Massive Coinbase Profit The digital currency “Coinbase” went public on NASDAQ yesterday. Coinbase has an evaluation of $86 billion. NBA’er Kevin Durant’s Thirty Five Ventures investment company invested in Coinbase. It is believed his company invested between $250,000 and $1 million dollars in Coinbase. If estimations are accurate, KD may have made $13.5 million yesterday. Which now probably explains why he didn’t play Wednesday night in the Nets/Sixers game. 50 Cent posted about KD on his IG page and captioned it, KD up like a mf’er. I love to see my people win. If you made $13.5 million dollars in a day would you go to work the next day or that night?