2Pac Murder: Bullets Found At Keefe D’s Home To Be Tested

2Pac‘s murder investigation is back on. Bullets found at Duane “Keefe D” Davis’ home will be tested for links to the rap icon’s death. Las Vegas police found .40 caliber bullets at Keefe D’s wife’s residence in Henderson, Nevada. Keefe D, a former member of South Side Compton Crips, is the uncle of Orlando Anderson, the alleged killer of ‘Pac.

He has admitted to being involved in the rapper’s 1996 murder in his book Compton Street Legend. Vegas police will test the bullets to see if they are connected to 2Pac’s body or the crime scene.

They also found computers, hard drives, and photos from the 90s of people who may have been involved directly or indirectly with the shooting.

A source said the search warrant was executed because;

investigators feel they can assemble enough information that could lead to an arrest or indictment

in the long-unsolved case.

However, they conceded that “it is a long shot that the bullets will be the ones from 1996.”

How should law enforcement proceed if the bullets match the ones found at the scene of Pac’s shooting?

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