Get ready to have a good time at the 20th Annual Oregon District Barstool on November 11, 2023 from 11a – 6p!  This annual mini-golf extravaganza will have you putt-putting your way through multiple bars in Dayton’s beautiful Oregon District.  You’ll get to experience 10 participating bars in a whole new way as you wind and weave your ball through creative mini-golf holes set up inside.

Participating Bars:

  • Trolley Stop
  • Dublin Pub
  • Newcom’s Tavern
  • Blind Bob’s
  • Wiley’s
  • Ned Pepper’s
  • Oregon Express
  • Yellow Cab Tavern
  • The Troll Pub
  • NextDoor

Everyone is encouraged to come dressed up in their most creative, hilarious, or downright wacky costumes. We’ll have a costume contest at the end of the night and the person with the best costume will win a fabulous prize! The costume contest isn’t the only way to win an award! Best team score will also receive a prize!

With each bar on the course featuring its own fun hole, and wacky costumes left and right, you’ll have a day filled with excitement, competition, and community spirit as you support a great cause!