2 Chainz’s Son Says He Has More Game Than His Dad

Halo, the son of 2 Chainz, is only seven years old, but he already believes he stunts more harder than his father. In a clip from the most recent episode of the duo’s podcast, Me and Halo, the young child informs his father that he is “built different” and that this is why he is already causing the girls to lose their minds.

2 Chainz said,

I wasn’t getting chicks at seven.

Halo replied,

Cause you wasn’t built like me. I’m built different. You know me and my sisters built different. I don’t know about you and mama, but I get chicks at seven.

What’s the cutest thing your son or daughter has said when he or she was younger? What was the most difficult question you had to answer from your child?

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