1st American Black Woman To Headline A UFC Main Event

A huge step in the right direction takes place in the Ultimate Fighting Championship tomorrow night 9/12. Angela “Overkill” Hill will become the first American Black Female to Headline a UFC Main Event. Hill has long been one of my favorite fighters on the roster. She is a no non-sense, hardworking, “I’ll fight anyone, anywhere” type of fighter. Just the kind of fighter we all love to root for.

The fact that this is the 1st American Black Female to Headline a UFC event is truly sad. There have been so many talented black women over-looked through the years. I for one, am elated that this will finally happen. I commend Dana White, and the UFC for stepping up in this “Covid World” we live in. I also think this is a big step equality, not just for Black Women, but women in general.

If you aren’t a fan of MMA, I get it! If you ever wanted a reason to watch, I encourage you to take a look tomorrow night on ESPN. It’ll be a fun fight between to very deserving women as Michelle “The Karate Hottie” Waterson takes on the 1st American Black Woman to Headline a UFC Main Event, Angela “Overkill” Hill.