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by Partyman posted Jan 30 2015 11:03PM

YASSSS!!! This former college student did the UNTHINKABLE! She made a raunchy video inside her former college LIBRARY, I'm talkin just OUT IN THE OPEN as other people were passing by!! But she just got arrested for it tho (UHOH!) .... Click below for the news video and the NAME of the WOMAN, or click here for the story - and if you're looking for the ACTUAL P@#NO video - NOPE, IT AINT ON HERE (AWWMAN)

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by Partyman posted Jan 30 2015 7:30PM
MISSY ELLIOTT! She will be joining Katy Perry on stage at the Super Bowl on Sunday! I still love Missy Elliott to this day, very innovative character indeed! Here are my three FAVORITE Missy Elliott songs...what are yours?? Let's TURNUP! (pman)


WORK IT (Listen)

And HOT BOYZ! (Listen)

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by Partyman posted Jan 29 2015 10:24PM
Bobby Shmurda was in the courtroom earlier Thursday, Jan 29, and pleaded not guilty to the charges against him. 14 others also pleaded not below for all the charges, the bond set, and more... (pman)
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by Partyman posted Jan 28 2015 7:39PM
I love eating McDonald's Fries, but, just like the rest of you, I always wanted to know how they make them so good and so golden and so's the video below (If you can handle it....) (PMAN) .... also see it at

by Partyman posted Jan 27 2015 11:14PM
HOT 1029's Partyman had a chance to catch up with the future Ohio State Buckeye, Dunbar's AJ Harris! Dunbar is once again a true contender to win a state title this year, and AJ Harris, a senior, leads the way. Watch his versatility on the court along with the "fun" interview, below! Or see it at

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by Partyman posted Jan 26 2015 8:31PM

Wait! Before you view's for the mature audiences I'm sayin tho....did she really need the TV this bad??? SMH - (partyman)

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by Partyman posted Jan 21 2015 10:45PM
SMH! SMH! Looks like Dayton made the list of the top cities in America for BEDBUGS in below to see where Dayton is ranked, and there's some OTHER Ohio cities in there as well....OUCH! (pman)
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by Partyman posted Jan 21 2015 8:57PM
Click the video! Or see it at

by Partyman posted Jan 19 2015 2:31PM
It's Partyman, and I just wanna salute Dayton for everyone, I mean EVERYONE (like 10,000) who came out to the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr celebration and march earlier Monday Jan 19... we had good weather, a great time, a great cause, and we TURNEDUP lol.... Click below for all the pics fam!
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by Partyman posted Jan 18 2015 11:23PM
It's Partyman, and it was LIIIVE yall at the Dunbar Wolverines Hoop game at Trent Arena at Flyin to the Hoop Sunday night (Jan 18).... we got all the pics below, including pics of future Ohio State hooper AJ Harris!
by Partyman posted Jan 17 2015 10:58PM
Day number 2 is in the books from the Flyin to the Hoop basketball tournament! Saturday night saw future Duke player Luke Kennard play for Franklin! We'll see what we see on Sunday and Monday, coming up! Click below for pics! - pman
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by Partyman posted Jan 17 2015 1:55AM
And we found the cute kid at 1:18 into this video at Flyin to the Hoop!! watch it at and click videos or watch below!

by Partyman posted Jan 16 2015 9:54PM
First, I need to shoutout to everyone we met earlier at Trent Arena, all the Fairmont Firebirds, Greenville, Vandalia, Carroll, Meadowdale, etc!! Partyman wants to follow u on instagram so follow him at hot1029partyman and he will follow u back! Click below for all the pics that we took of u! TURN UP MAN!! TURNUP - (pman)
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by Partyman posted Jan 15 2015 9:06PM
OOOOOK....S M H....S M D H.... TF is wrong with this?? Over some cheesecake??? Hit play on the video, yall....SMH - (partyman)

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by Partyman posted Jan 14 2015 6:45PM
It's Partyman...and me and you both ...we can't wait until Tuesday January 20! The IRS says they will start accepting our taxes and even tho they said it might be a delay....the earlier we can get these in...the faster we can GET A CHECK!
Click below to see a "projected" timeline of what date the IRS will send us our check so we can TURNUP!

by Partyman posted Jan 8 2015 9:50PM's happened in Florida LOL... a woman received her Driver's License in the Mail, and the story below for all the "juicy" details lol lol - (pman)

by Partyman posted Jan 7 2015 11:12PM
On Wednesday Night's show (Jan 7), The Partyman asked Daytonians the above question...
What's your answer? E-mail The Partyman at
And here are responses from Wednesday's show with the Partyman on HOT 1029! #TooFunnylol

by Partyman posted Jan 7 2015 10:47PM
TURNUP!!! It's Partyman, and I ain't NEVA seen this before....a basketball referee is on his PHONE during the game, runnin up and down the court .... click below for the video SMH LOL
Kettering Fairmont High School
Congrats to Harper Luczka --the Penn Station Athlete of the Month!
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