Celebrating Side Chick/Dude Day! Who’s the Top Side Piece of All Time?

The Day after Valentine’s Day, has become a special day of its own. National Side Chick/Dude Day! A day to recognize those who put their precious time in to be a comfort zone for the people who aren’t satisfied by their significant other… Here are my Top 5 Side Chicks/Dudes of All Time…


(#5 – Olivia Pope from “Scandal”) – Played by Kerry Washington, Olivia Pope and her Presidential Affair on hot TV Show “Scandal is MUST SEE stuff!

(#4 – Bruh Man from “Martin) – There has been crazy speculation about this one, but it makes sense, if you really think about it. Hopping in and out of  Martin & Gina’s apartment with no problem… He was definitely Gina’s Side Dude! He was just so slick with it, that NO ONE noticed…

(#3 – Karrine Steffans) – Known for messing around with numerous Married or Taken celebrity men, Karrine makes this list


(#2 – Monica Lewinsky) – Man, oh Man! How we will NEVER Forget Monica, President Clinton, and the mouthful of trouble they caused!

(#1 – Marliyn Monroe) – Known as the “Original Side Chick” I couldn’t leave the Legendary Marilyn off of the list… HAPPY BIRTHDAY MR. PRESIDENT….

Who else do you think should be on this list???

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