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by Partyman posted Oct 10 2014 7:35PM
Friday Night Football wit HOT 1029's Partyman and Gerald H., LIVE in Beavercreek! Oct. 11, 2014! Click Below for all the pics!!!
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by Partyman posted Oct 9 2014 9:40PM
We've seen Madonna, Beyonce, Bruno Mars, Prince, the Who (whoever they are), Nelly, and more perform at the Super Bowl Haltime Show! But just who will be performing this year? Well... it is.... Katy Perry! CLICK BELOW FOR THE STORY...
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by Partyman posted Oct 5 2014 12:10AM
On Saturday, Oct. 4, HOT 1029's Partyman and Big Kev were LIVE in da Field at Horror Acres! TURNUP MAN!!! LOOK AT ALL THE SCARY SPOOKY Pics below....
by Partyman posted Oct 3 2014 9:16PM
HOT 1029 was out at Welcome Stadium for week 6 of HOT's Friday Night High School Football (Oct 3 2014)! And we saw Thurgood Marshall in action against Meadowdale....check out all the pics below!!! #TURNUP!!!
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by Partyman posted Oct 3 2014 9:15PM
It's Partyman, and the Meadowdale High School Lions were in action on Friday, Oct 3 against the Thurgood Marshall Cougars! We got all the pics... click below and turnup!!!
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by Partyman posted Oct 2 2014 7:54PM
Kobe Bryant will be making his way back to the Hoop Court for the upcoming NBA Season...but apparently he needed a little MOTIVATION during his training in the gym. So who better than to give a little PUSH than Kanye West!!! Click Below for the pics and story (Smile fo da cam, Yeezy dagggg) -pman
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by Partyman posted Sep 30 2014 9:31PM
It's Partyman, and I know a football player can get injured doing a lot of!!! But...I guess an NFL playa got hurt while....wait for it....trying to potty train his pup pup....awwww poor baby.... Click below for the story SMH lol
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by Partyman posted Sep 28 2014 8:58PM
At HOT 1029's radio remote on Saturday in Wilmington, massive amounts of people were on hand to tackle Wilmington's Haunted Hollow Ride! HOT's Partyman and Big Kev were there as well.... Look at all the spooky pics below!
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by Partyman posted Sep 26 2014 7:41PM
HOT 1029's Partyman, LIVE at Beavercreek High School on Sept 26 for the football game between Beavercreek and the Dunbar Wolverines! Click below for all the pics!!!
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by Partyman posted Sep 26 2014 7:39PM
HOT 1029's Partyman, LIVE for HOT's Friday Night High School Football!
Click below for all the pics from Dunbar vs Beavercreek, Sept 26 in Beavercreek!
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