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by Partyman posted Oct 3 2015 11:57PM
Scary! Spooky! Terrifying! Horror Acres in Springfield on Sat Oct 3 a word..........

AAAAAHHHH!!! (okay that's not a word).... Look at all the pics below and see who you know! (partyman)
by Partyman posted Oct 2 2015 8:44PM
CJ was in the building! Homecoming weekend for CJ, during High School Football season in Dayton and with HOT 1029! Here's some pics, below....
by Partyman posted Oct 2 2015 8:22PM
Pics! Pics! And MORE pics from the incredible afternoon at Cricket, 4181 North Main St, in Dayton, on Friday October 2! Click below to see who u know! (partyman)
by Partyman posted Sep 28 2015 8:51PM
Yes, you heard right....for the Halloween season, Burger King is coming out here in America with a BLACK BURGER. I guess it's officially called the A 1 Halloween Whopper, and you can see the either TASTINESS or WEIRDNESS below....(partyman)
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by Partyman posted Sep 25 2015 9:50PM
In Week 5 of HOT's Friday Night Football, it was Miamisburg's time to shine! But would they??? Wayne was there to battle the Vikings...and we've got pics! See who you know, below! (partyman)
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by Partyman posted Sep 18 2015 8:06PM
A fierce battle between Centerville and Trotwood! While the Elks and Rams duked it out, here's some pics from the game earlier on Sept 18, 2015! (partyman)
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by Partyman posted Sep 5 2015 1:37AM
After all that rain we had on Friday, Sept. 4, the big game between Trotwood and Thurgood Marshall WILL HAPPEN, on Saturday, Sept 5 at 1 pm, at Trotwood! Here's pics from earlier Friday, right before the game was called....(partyman)
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by Partyman posted Aug 28 2015 8:14PM
The Battle of Kettering! Alter vs. Fairmont! Alter won last year....let's see who wins this year! Look at the pics from the game! (partyman)
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by Partyman posted Aug 7 2015 8:11PM
OOOOOOH YEEEEAAA! For the first time, I believe, it's an Ohio Sales Tax Holiday! Click the links below for all the details. The first link is general information, and when you go to that page, also check out the Frequently Asked Questions link! IM HITTIN THE MALL BABY!!! (partyman)

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by Partyman posted Jul 25 2015 8:13PM
The Midwest Summerfest at Middletown's Land of Illusion was craaazy! Look at all the pics of the beautiful peoples below! (partyman)

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