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by Partyman posted Jul 25 2015 8:13PM
The Midwest Summerfest at Middletown's Land of Illusion was craaazy! Look at all the pics of the beautiful peoples below! (partyman)

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by Partyman posted Jul 24 2015 6:45PM
The last time you visited the Zoo, I'm sure you thought to yourself..."I should jump over this fence and pet those cougars! You know, the ones with the sharp sharp teeth that kill..." Well, a man did just that (leaped over the fence, pet cougars) at the Columbus the video below....(Partyman)
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by Partyman posted Jul 7 2015 8:17PM
NO! NO! NO! Whyyyyyyyyy!!!! You're supposed to call 9-1-1 if you have an emergency....not if you don't like the CHINESE FOOD you ordered!!! Hear the 9-1-1 call from Ohio, below....(partyman)
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by Partyman posted Apr 23 2015 8:14PM
LOL....dude said I'm Tired of Waitin! Dude was in a Mickey D's, and he wanted his FRIES! Watch below.... (pman)
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by Partyman posted Apr 21 2015 8:32PM
Welllll... you just never know how mad a little Garfield Cat can make you...but apparently for this guy, a cat made him REALLY he's CHARGED with Animal Cruelty for Violently beating a CAT! Watch the video and read the story below....(WHOA) (partyman)

by Partyman posted Apr 10 2015 12:58AM
Are you a Reds fan? Who is your favorite Reds player this season? Votto? Cueto? Phillips? My favorite player on this year's team is Big Brother Brandon Phillips, but I believe the MOST IMPORTANT player on the team is TODD FRAZIER. Click below for my thoughts on WHY THE REDS WILL BE SUCCESSFUL this year, with ...TODD FRAZIER leading the way.
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by Partyman posted Mar 22 2015 2:55AM
It's Partyman, and it was an INCREDIBLE game! Saturday, March 21, Dunbar, featuring future Buckeye AJ Harris, vs. Franklin, and future Duke Blue Devil Luke Kennard. In the end, in overtime, Dunbar wins 77-76! Click below for the EMOTIONAL VIDEO that The Partyman captured right when the Wolverines won the game...
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by Partyman posted Mar 3 2015 3:55PM
On Tuesday, March 3, 2015, The Partyman chatted with MISS BLACK OHIO, Jelisa Barringer, from Central State University! Watch the stunning video/interview of Jelisa! Just go to Youtube, and search: Miss Black Ohio Jelisa Barringer HOT 1029
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by Partyman posted Feb 26 2015 8:12PM
This is just a SAD and UNCALLED FOR Story. A mom recently beats up her own son (age unknown), including punching him in the face, all because he was acting "TOO FEMININE and TOO GAY." She was charged with domestic assault. Watch the news video report on the story and more, including the MOM'S PICTURE and neighbor REACTION, here...(pman)

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by Partyman posted Feb 22 2015 2:32PM

Very sad news to hear that Ahmad "Real" Givens, 33, passed away from cancer over this past weekend. Chance and Real came to Dayton in 2007 at Club Rain, on N. Main Street, with HOT 1029's Partyman... "I just remember sooo many people trying to get a glance, a touch, anything for these guys," Partyman remembers.... Here's the official news story below...

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