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by Partyman posted Dec 10 2015 9:04PM
DO NOT DO THIS! DO NOT DO THIS! But apparently this guy felt it was ok to use a HOVERBOARD to .... STEAL FROM A STORE.... below is the UNBELIEVABLY CLEAR VIDEO and other info... I repeat, DO NOT DO THIS. (partyman)
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by Partyman posted Dec 9 2015 8:09PM
The kiss heard round the world!!!! Dej Loaf is really into her BOO, Lil Durk, and at a BET event recently, the two SMOOCHED IT UP ON STAGE, solidifying the relationship! The KISS VIDEO IS BELOW... (partyman)

by Partyman posted Dec 8 2015 2:10AM
During the Juelz Santana performance in Dayton on Sunday Dec 6, there were XXXX, and XXXX, and XXXX (can't say all that happened on this website!...... click below for the JUICY PICS and WHAT REALLY HAPPENED
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by Partyman posted Nov 24 2015 7:35PM
There are some things you should NEVER TELL A WOMAN....especially a woman who is AN EXOTIC DANCER... Looks like this dude LEARNED HIS LESSON, after SHE WHOOPED HIS A##! in the CLUB!! Read below to see what he did...(partyman)
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by Partyman posted Nov 19 2015 7:10PM
This is so unfortunate and sad. Condolences go out to the family of the victim here. Basically, the story is, this GUY and this WOMAN were playing around, having a little adult fun....when something unfortunate happens, and the WOMAN ends up dead. Here's the EXACT STORY, including HOW SHE DIED, below. (partyman)
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by Partyman posted Nov 9 2015 4:06AM
We FLY HIGH, NO LIE, YOU KNOW THIS....BAWLINNN!! Jim Jones, LIVE at Delish in downtown Dayton on Sunday November 8, and the pics are below.... (partyman)
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by Partyman posted Nov 8 2015 10:33PM
Thanks to everyone in Springfield and surrounding areas who came out to the first ever All Schools Skate Bash in Springfield! Here's all the pics! By the way, the pic above were the winners of the HIT THE QUAN Contest! (partyman)
by Partyman posted Nov 2 2015 7:07PM
On Halloween Night, as you were dressed up in costumes and kids were trick or treating, a WOMAN SNEAKS into a ZOO, but look who is WAITING ON HER - A TIGER.... and the TIGER BITES THIS PART OF HER (story below).... (partyman)
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by Partyman posted Oct 27 2015 6:50PM
No, for real...CHEWBACCA was ARRESTED. CHEWBACCA was MINDING HIS OWN BUSINESS in the STREETS when the PO POS got AT him...THERE IS VIDEO....BELOW (watch) (partyman)
by Partyman posted Oct 26 2015 7:56PM
What would you do if a Shark attacked YOU?? I hope that NEVER happens to you or anyone, but check out what this DUDE DID after the Shark started FEASTING off him.... this is kinda smart what he did below to SURVIVE (partyman)
Congrats to Northridge High School's Nathan Farmer, the February Penn Station Athlete of the Month!
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