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by Hot Crew posted Mar 31 2014 11:23AM
Snoop Dog/Lion’s uncle June Bug has lost his fight with cancer. He was given only one day to live after being diagnosed with colon cancer. But Uncle June Bug was able to hold on for almost a week. His nephew Daz Dillinger said his uncle died around 9:30am on Sunday and it happened right after Snoop arrived. June Bug acknowledged Snoops arrival and passed on. Rest in Peace Uncle June Bug. Our thoughts go out to his family and friends.

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by Hot Crew posted Mar 29 2014 11:18PM

Our UD Flyers couldn't quite make the Final Four, but they put on a GREAT show!  CLICK HERE for the full run down of Dayton/Florida game, or just remember the good times with us.

Luckily, someone was kind enough to edit the happiness into one video for us!  #FlyerNation!

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by Hot Crew posted Mar 27 2014 10:40PM

Congratulations to the Dayton Flyers!!  UD emerges victorious against Stanford! On to the Elite Eight and maybe even bigger things?!  #FlyerNation

Read more.

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by Hot Crew posted Mar 27 2014 1:22PM
Chief Keef ended up in a mix up with a shooting in the windy city. His lawyer says he was not involved in the actual shooting he just happened to be there when shots were fired. Chief Keef’s instagram shows how loaded he really is. One picture shows six different guns, one being an AK-47, and some money, with the caption “Another situation already.” Posting picks like that are how Chief Keef puts himself in bad situations. But maybe he just wants to show off his collection. Either way, you don’t mess with Chief Keef.

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by Hot Crew posted Mar 27 2014 1:05PM
Sean Kingston paid the valet to park his Bentley at the Mondrian Hotel in West Hollywood. The valet parked it close because that’s what they do with high profiled cars, but that might not have been a great idea. While in the hotel a repo truck pulled in a hooked up Kingston’s car so fast. Someone called Sean and then all hell broke loose. Sean starts yelling at the repo guy screaming “I already paid for it.” But it didn’t matter. The car got towed and the cops were called to break up the fight. No arrests were made and the next day Sean was at a different part with his Bentley. VIA TMZ

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by Hot Crew posted Mar 26 2014 11:25AM
Riff Raff took Katy Perry on a date last week and now the rapper is smitten. He said he would love to take the “Roar” singer out again. The two went out for sushi, bowling and drinks, which turned out to be a splendid time for the both of them. Riff Raff is very attracted to busted women and Katy Perry is the perfect package for him. He is hoping to take her out again once she is back in the country. Are they an odd couple or do they go together perfectly? We will find out if Riff Raff does take the “Dark Horse” singer out again.

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by Hot Crew posted Mar 25 2014 11:50AM
When the “Mastermind” album hit number one, Rick Ross went out and bought all his closest friends really expensive watches. Ross hit up jeweler Rafaello and co in New York, spending more then $250K on a total of six watches for a few of the artist who appeared on his album. Some of those lucky friends include Meek Mill, Wale, and DJ Khaled. Rick Ross is definitely the kind of friend you want to have because when something good happens you get presents.

by Hot Crew posted Mar 24 2014 11:19AM
Homeland star James Rebhorn has passed away from skin cancer at 65. His wife said he was diagnosed with melanoma in 1992 and that James had been getting treatment ever since. Recently Rebhorn’s condition had been getting worse and he began receiving hospice care at his New Jersey home. But no matter how bad the Homelands stars condition got he insisted on working. James was in films such as “Meet the Parents”, “Independence Day”, “Scent of a Woman”, and he played a lawyer in the final season of “Seinfeld”.  He will be missed by family, friends, and all of his fans. Rest in Peace James Rebhorn.

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by Hot Crew posted Mar 23 2014 9:59AM

THIS is how a school president should celebrate a big win! University of Dayton's President Dan Curran is literally crowd surfing after Dayton's big win over Syracuse!
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by Hot Crew posted Mar 18 2014 11:48AM
Chris Brown will be locked up until April 23. Brown was ordered to stay in rehab while a judge made the decision whether or not he violated his probation in the Rihanna case. But the rehab facility kicked Chris out, saying he can not seem to stay out of trouble and he violated all of their rules. The judge wants Chris locked up until a jury can makes a decision whether or not he committed criminal assault in an unrelated case. Browns trial date is set for April 17 and if he is found guilty, he will possibly be looking at 4 years in prison. Let&rsquo;s hope this is a turning point for Chris and that he will come out of this a better man.<br />
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by Hot Crew posted Mar 17 2014 11:58AM
Tyler the Creator was arrested in Texas for inciting riots. The rapper was arrested at the Texas airport after allegedly peer pressuring fans to knock over barricades at the concert. Police say the incident could have cause serious harm to those in attendance. He is in custody on a 3,500 dollar bond.

by Hot Crew posted Mar 17 2014 11:38AM
You heard right. Looks like Rihanna&rsquo;s days with Chris Brown are over because she is now in a seriously relationship with Drizzy Drake. After flying under the radar about their romance, TMZ reported the couple has finally let the cat out of the bag. Rihanna has spent every day with Drake since meeting up with him for his European tour. They have been on various dates and sources close to Drake says he has never been happier. Let just hope that when Chris Brown finds out fists won&rsquo;t be flying.<br />
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by Hot Crew posted Mar 11 2014 11:59AM

Lil Boosie Press Conference On His Release From Prison!  Young Jeezy & Webbie Speak, Future Plans, Finding Out About Instagram & Facetime And More.


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by Hot Crew posted Mar 11 2014 11:18AM
Diddy bid $200 million for Fuse TV, according to Bloomberg.  The publication, which notes three people with knowledge of the situation as its sources, says that if Diddy purchases Fuse, his network, "REVOLT", would have greater distribution and higher subscriber fees. According to Bloomberg's findings, Fuse is available in approximately 74 million homes. Meanwhile, REVOLT reaches 22.8 million homes.

Kimberly Kerns, a spokesperson for MSG, which owns Fuse, recently addressed this matter. “As we have stated, we are exploring strategic alternatives for Fuse, and will have no further comment during what is still an ongoing process,” Kerns said.  

Paul Sweeney, an analyst for Bloomberg, says this is a low offer. “An offer of $200 million seems low for almost 75 million households,” Sweeney says. MSG has been asking for approximately $400 million for Fuse, as per Bloomberg.



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